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Pearl Montessori Early Learning Centre
Hours: 7:30am - 5:30pm 
Care for children 6 months - 6 years
Approved for government childcare rebates

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Address: 46 Blair Street, North Bondi 2026
Email: info@pearlmontessori.com.au
Phone: 9300 0179 or 0425845613


Our core values and key skills children gain:

  • Community
  • Kindness
  • Empathy
  • Respect for self, others and the environment
  • Creativity
  • Confidence
  • Curiosity
  • Collaboration


Pearl Montessori is a safe, loving environment that offers individualized tailored educational program for every child.

Children develop creativity, confidence and curiosity; skills that ensure they can be lifelong adaptive learners who can move with the world around them, and help shape it.
Through a well-rounded and child-based curriculum, Pearl strives to educate and elevate each child’s mind, heart and soul, fostering the whole child.

Children follow their inner learning guidance, and thrive when they can make their own choices within the healthy, safe boundaries we set for them. Genuine self-respect, respect towards others, kindness, empathy and community are at the core of our values.

Pearl Montessori is the first authentic Montessori Early Learning Centre in Australia that offers Hebrew as a second language and a rich Jewish curriculum.

Prepared Environment

The Montessori classroom is quite unique. You can expect:

  1. An ordered class environment – carefully prepared by the teacher to meet the needs of children at different stages of development.
  2. Multi-sensory materials – from beads, sandpaper and fabric to wooden boxes and blocks like the Binomial cube, tangible tools introduce children to abstract concepts. They’re designed to be motivating and compatible with how the brain works at each age.
  3. Long work cycles – aid in concentration that’s otherwise being eroded by technology; giving children time to figure things out, solve problems without being interrupted.
  4. Multiple ages in the classroom together - with 3, 4 and 5 year olds all in one room, they’re learning from each other and learning to collaborate.
  5. Highly trained teachers – whose role is to guide, support and facilitate rather than teach, so the child can take control of their own learning.  The teacher is trained as an observer so they can recognise the strengths and needs of every child as well as the whole group, providing materials and activities at the right time.

The classroom environment encourages children’s natural desire for independence and the development of self-esteem. There is an atmosphere of mutual respect and caring where children develop kindness, courtesy and self-discipline.

Both the indoor and outdoor areas are set up to help young children engage in activities that promote:

  • Lengthened concentration
  • Order
  • Independence
  • Exploration
  • Written and oral language skills
  • Understanding of mathematical concepts
  • Refinement of the senses
  • Positive self concept
  • Co-ordination
  • Movement
  • Creativity
  • Social development

Montessori Materials

The prepared environment of materials that encourage purposeful activity is essential to the success of Montessori. At each stage of development the physical, emotional, psychological, social and intellectual needs of the children dictate the preparation of the environment. 

The Montessori materials are a significant component of the prepared environment. Dr Montessori believed that if children are given access to materials especially designed to support their development, they have the capacity to learn by their own actions.

A Montessori classroom nurtures the natural excitement and curiosity of learning by offering a variety of materials to stimulate and intrigue the child. Children can hold cylinders and spheres and work with golden beads to learn the decimal system. It is fun to label a farm and pour water into a’ lake’. The materials demonstrate understanding and serve as the base that will clarify difficult abstract concepts in all future learning.

The specially constructed equipment is made from natural materials and designed through observation of the developmental needs of the child. It provides the opportunity for a child to work on tasks for extended periods of time, thus supporting the development of concentration. As the children work they are also able to gauge their performance because of the in-built "control-of-error” in many of the materials.

The grading of materials provides a safe environment for children of differing abilities, both those who have learning difficulties and those who benefit from acceleration, to grow without being singled out.

The materials are on display on open shelves indoors and outdoors and are designed to:
  • Capture attention
  • Invite interaction and manipulation
  • Encourage precise use
  • Extend concentration
  • Act as an indirect preparation for future learning
  • Build confidence through self- correction
  • Support the development of orderly work habits and persistence at the task
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